Our Ethos

Fashion Products that are 100% Natural, Sustainable, Eco friendly.  Manufactured with Ethically sourced fair-trade leather, practices & recycled components.  This is who we are. This is Studio 0421

Ethically Sourced Realgrade ® Certified Leather

Hand-Crafted from Recycled components

THE founder

Arti Singh

I have always had a passion for fashion. Styling sustainably, using recycled components is an art which I learnt over the past years. My products are hand crafted  from the Leather which is ethically sourced as a by-product of the meat industry. In contrast to dumping leather, I prefer to recycle this versatile, natural, by-product & filter it back in the ecosystem. All my designed articles are certified Eco Friendly and are crafted with utmost care for the environment. In addition, the majority of my core components are 100% Certified Recycled, thus completing the circularity of Sustainability. 

I style each design with the utmost respect to the materials which are then carefully & lovingly hand crafted by artisans, quality inspected, certified by global authorities and only then delivered. The quality is impeccable and assured for 2 years.

Every product is an extension of myself & my commitment to


Ethically sourced materials are exclusive & sustainable practices are a challenge to follow. Having mastered these, 0421 extends its capabilities and spreads its use across other categories for everyday use. There is simply no other brand where such a wealth of designer and luxury merchandise, lifestyle products and services are showcased under one umbrella.