Return & Exchange Policy

What makes you return your product? 

Inadequate Quality,  Inaccurate descriptions, Incomplete Information & Photo shopped colours. Right?

Corporate brands need to make handsome profits & need to build in the cost of all returns due to their inaccurate descriptions, incomplete information & colour variations. This makes them to get the manufacturing done at the lowest bidder who uses cheap raw materials thus leading an overall inferior quality. 

The famous quote “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” is applicable in the case of corporate brands.

0421 studio makes an honest living & invests all the money into Top quality certified raw materials. In addition, we diligently provide you detailed information about measurements, sizes, colour & fit to ensure that you make an educated decision. Final result a top-quality hand-crafted product. 

Thus, avoiding any un-necessary returns. 

Although a remote possibility, if you unhappy with our quality & workmanship, you are welcome to return to get a refund/credit note or exchange.

In such an event, please contact and explain your concern.  

Terms of service

Guarantee & Warranty

0421Studio takes pride in its quality, raw materials & workmanship.

0421 Studio guarantees the quality of the product for 3 years. This is global & unconditional.

If the garment colour fades, leather naturally tears, zip comes off, button falls, lining frays.... anything, yes ANYTHING that can be deemed as a manufacturing fault, please contact and get your refund.

For our learning the designer might ask you to send the product back but you would get your full refund, don’t worry.


Sale & Discounted Items

At 0421 Studio, we believe “Sale is the same crap at less price which you were expected to buy at full price”.

Don’t worry, 0421 Studio never goes on sale.

Brands apply Discounts only to offload the inventory they have created.       

0421 Studio neither mass produces nor keeps ready inventory that needs to be offloaded on a discount. 


Delivery Lead Time

Ethical & Recycled raw materials are precious natural resources.  At 0421 these are consumed & the process of hand-crafting is initiated only at the time of your order instruction. Thus please allow 12-14 days for shipping.

if you wish, prior to shipping 0421 would send you the pictures of your hand-crafted product along with all certificates & barcodes so you know what is coming to you.


Terms of Service

Every word, phrase, description, photo, quote, is form the heart of the designer to its user and everything is correct and true. Every reasonable effort has been taken in the preparation of this website to ensure the accuracy of its content.   


Shipping & Tracking

We ship worldwide via our DHL. You have paid for everything. The item would be delivered to you with all duties & taxes paid. There are no hidden costs.

0421 Studio would be provide you an airway-bill at time of shipping which can be used for tracking & rescheduling with DHL. Global delivery time of DHL is 3-5 days.  

If you have any other queries, please send  


Placing an Order

We accept Paypal, Major debit & credit cards.  Your payment will be processed by Razorpay which a secure online payment gateway.  Once the order is approved you will receive an Order confirmation email. 


Complaint procedure

The founder tries her best that you do not have any complaints. In the rare occasion that you do, please send an email at and it would reach her immediately.