Every country makes their own sizes, own numbers, own abbreviations knowing that the measurements in cms/inches are global. 
Can’t we all get along?


Let us illustrate:
UK women size 8, USA/Canada would call size 4, Italy would call it size 40, France would name it size 36, Germany would tag it as size 34, Spain would mark it as XS.

Isn’t this funny?
Wait, the confusion is not over yet!!!!

For UK Men 34, Germany would call it 46, Italy would mark it as 44. Spain, Australia, USA, Canada & France at least have consensus on this one and would tag it as XS.


At 0421 Studio we follow the KISS Principle.
Keep it Simple, Stupid.
One World, One Planet, One Unified Name.  


0421 unifies every country, every size and accentuates the body type with a Name vis-a-vis an abbreviation.

BOMBSHELL in Women is UK/AUS size 8, USA size 4, Canada size S, Italy size 40, France size 36, Germany size 34, Spain extra Small & so on. 

MAVERICK in Men is UK size 34, Germany size 46, Italy size 44 and Spain/Australia/USA/Canada/France size XS & so on. 

Choose your Personality name corresponding to the size you wear in your region. Simple!!!

We neither hide the size chart nor the measurements. It is displayed transparently as a product image. Please review it. 

For those who would like the extra-mile, comfort, biceps to fit, shoulders to highlight, waist to accentuate, wrists to cover, length to be longer, tummy to fit  e.t.c. can always choose CUSTOM SIZE. We would ensure that you get the desired fit & appropriate look of your handcrafted product.