What is Sustainability? What does it really mean? Everyone wishes to attain Sustainability but the task has been over complicated by those who wish to escape reality.

At 0421 Studio it’s the embodiment of the simplified fundamentals “Recycle, Re-Use, Upcycle, Avoid depletion of non-renewable resources, Be good to Environment, Use renewable Natural ingredients, Do Good, Be Good, Be Ethical in all practices & most of all do everything possible to SAVE THE PLANET”.

Ethically Sourced Realgrade ® Certified Leather

Ethically Sourced Leather

Realgrade ® is an independent legal body which certifies every leather product and its raw material for traceability, ethical sourcing, tanning processes & social accountability. All leather raw material sourced by us is Realgrade ® certified. For detailed Information: https://realgradeleather.org/

Realgrade ® validates

-   The Leather is of New Zealand origin, ethically sourced, by-product of the meat industry, traceable and adherence to global animal welfare.

-   The leather has been processed by an LWG accredited tannery. The Unit conforms with Global Environmental standards. https://www.leatherworkinggroup.com/

-   The leather is Eco-friendly and conforms to global standards of REACH & AFIRM. https://echa.europa.eu/regulations/reach/understanding-reach https://www.afirm-group.com/

-   The processor & maker of the product are Socially Compliant as per global standards. https://sa-intl.org/programs/sa8000/

Every Product hand crafted at our Studio comes with its own sanctioned validated swing ticket.

Core Ingredient: Lining Fabric

Recycled Inner Lining

The Inner garment lining is weaved in Italy from a man-made Yarn that has been derived from Recycling Plastic Bottles. Every piece of clothing from 0421, reduces 50 grams of plastic bottles from the Planet.

To know more about this concept visit https://www.perpetual-global.com/

Core Ingredient: Filler

Recycled Down Feel Fiber®

All fillers used in products at 0421 are 100% Recycled, man-made fibers, derived from recycling Plastic Bottles. They have the same warmth has Duck-Down without the inhumane treatment.

Every product is authencitaed by its individual swing ticket.

To know more visit: https://www.freudenberg-pm.com/Innovations/comfortemp-fiberball

Core Ingredient


Similar to Cement in a Building, Interlining is to clothing. Its a core ingredient while sewing. 0421 uses a German interlining which is made from 80% Recycled Plastic bottles.

To know more visit: https://apparel.freudenberg-pm.com/products/comfortemp

Core building blocks

Zippers, Threads & Adhesives

The chic, exquisite & durable metal trims used in 0421 clothing are forged from an alloy with is 68% recycled. To know more visit https://idealearthzippers.com/

Adhesive & Threads are similar to brick & mortar in a building. These hold the structure together. 0421 does not compromise on such core ingredients and uses Recycled Polyester Blends from Coats (UK).

Every product saves 1 Tree

Recycled Product Packaging

The cloth bag covers are sewn in recycled cloth from Renewcell. For more info visit https://www.renewcell.com/en/

The cardboard & paper packaging are made of certified recycled paper.

Yin Yang Theory

Concept of Dualism

Unlike other brands which implore to “Buy More & Use Less' ', which keeps on choking the environment, we APPEAL to do the opposite: “Only buy when it's required or broken”.

If left to us, we won’t let it break!!!! 0421 Studio guarantees the quality of the product for 2 years.

Last but not the least, we believe in the philosophy of the “Yin and Yang”, the concept of dualism and interconnectivity. The black and white. Our planet depends on us to do the right, we are connected to you to help us achieve it.