Having the objective of responsible styling, simplified fundamentals of sustainability, I started 0421 Studio.

The pursuit is neither unethical profit nor to compete in sales. Objective is to showcase the global corporates brands & the consumers that IT IS POSSIBLE to hand-craft a fashion piece SUSTAINABLY.

I consider myself a stylist. I take inspirations from my I see, style them to look gorgeous & handsome. Developing an entire range of mannequin looks is not my forte.  I neither wish to look like a show-window mannequin nor I expect other people would do the same.

There is nothing in my 0421, which you can't get from another brand.  The only difference is, I have a CONSCIOUS and I feel responsible for leaving the planet for our children. The layers of false claims in the fashion world is one reason I took up this challenge.

Patience, determination, resilience and continuous learning took me to styling & hand-crafting my pieces.

Sourcing ethical raw material & recycled components is not as difficult as it is made out to be. The process of acquiring them is longer and there are no short cuts. I made a conscious decision to walk the sustainable path without short cuts and ensure that raw material I use is certified sustainable & recycled.

I preserve all my precious raw material and only handcraft on order. I neither mass produce nor go on sale.

If you need my assistance, I am just an email away. 

I take inspiration from what I see, translate them into a design, hand craft it to bring it to life as a product. A product that can be used for multiple occasions & numerous years because it wont go out of style.

Sizing is a body type and just a number.

At my Studio size is a Body type & personality, which I wish to accentuate.

An "Extra Large" woman is refered “Xtravagantly Fabulous” and an Extra Large Man is called "Big Boss".

#Xtravagantly Fabulous